Microsoft Pluto - More secure PC

Microsoft Pluton

One of the more noticeable trends that hackers have been following in recent years during cyberattacks on our machines is the exploitation of a specific hardware weakness of a certain processor. In computers, the microchip on the TPM (Trusted Platform Module) motherboard, which stores security parameters and encrypted passwords, is responsible for most hardware security. As Microsoft has determined, the regular address of malicious developers when compiling a virus is precisely the connection on the bus between the CPU and this component.

From Redmond, as the owners of the most popular operating system, they are especially motivated to strengthen global security, so they announced a new type of hardware protection. Unlike the existing solution in the form of TPM, Pluto is not a separate component but will be integrated directly into the processor, which will, in fact, prevent data interception on the bus that connects the TPM and CPU. AMD, Intel, and Qualcomm have responded to this call and the new standard will integrate Pluto from the next generation of processors. One less headache, although we know from experience that the biggest security threats are mostly untapped updates of the Ten, which Microsoft is unlikely to solve permanently in the near future.

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