Cyberpunk 2077 works huge!

Cyberpunk 2077 comes out on December 10, but it looks like some players have already managed to get hold of it by revealing new details along the way.

The hype regarding Cyberpunk 2077 continues! One of the members of the CD Project RED team revealed that the cross of the game can take up to 200 hours. Namely, he published a screenshot showing that he "beat" more than 175 hours in this title!

Admittedly, even superficial research can reveal that the person who posted the picture, Lukasz Babiel, is in fact a QA tester at CDPR, which means that his job is to easily cross the game and peek "under every stone". He also stated in the answers on his Twitter profile that he is playing at a "hard" weight and that he is not in a hurry, but is researching everything that this achievement offers and that there is still a lot of content in the game before it reaches the final rush hour. When one player asked Babel if he recommended going for a hard weight, he said it depended on the skill of the player, but that he would certainly not recommend anyone playing at the highest level for the first time, which is the case with the C2077 - very hard.

Although the C2077 is coming out in just over two weeks, some players have already boasted about how they got their copy of the game, most likely because the stores have violated the restrictions, so expect new details in the coming days, and maybe even spoilers.

As for official details, CDPR has released a new, next-gen PlayStation game trailer that you can check out below.



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