Google extended Chrome support for Win7

Google recently released news that delighted those who still prefer to choose Windows 7, and it is about the fact that Chrome support for this version of the operating system has been extended for another six months.


Windows 7

Thus, those companies that have not yet switched to Windows 10 have been spared that obligation for some time, which is useful, since the pandemic is already taking away large amounts of energy. Although support for Windows 7 expired back in January, this version is on a fifth of Windows devices, and the reason for this is that the whole world has slowed down due to the new corona virus. Before the crisis, Google announced that Chrome on Windows 7 systems would receive support for another 18 months after the last update, which was supposed to last until July 2021. With the new extension, that deadline is moved to 2022, which leaves users enough time to get organized and head to Windows 10.


Windows 7 2

In the second quarter of 2020, it was found that about 21% of companies using the Windows operating system are in the process of migrating to Windows 10, a significant number of those who still depend on older versions of the operating system, in the first place Windows 7.


Source: Tech Spot

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