Light up the night with the new Motorola e7 smartphone


motorola e7


Motorola's latest e-family smartphone brings customers improved performance and premium features at a very affordable price.

With an exceptional camera and ultra-wide display, impressive 36-hour battery life, and a fast processor, the Motorola e7 offers an improved user experience and stunning results - whatever your budget.

New features that stand out include a 48MP camera sensor that provides premium photos and image quality taken with the Motorola e7, but also:

  • Incredible image quality concerning the price

  • Quad Pixel technology with 4x higher light sensitivity that guarantees better photos in low light conditions

  • Night Vision mode thanks to which images taken in low light conditions are brighter and sharper

  • Macro Vision camera that brings you 2.5x closer to the subject you're shooting compared to a standard lens for amazing close-up photos, even when it comes to the smallest details

  • Portrait Mode creates artistically blurred background photos for portraits that even top professionals wouldn't be ashamed of

The Motorola e7 also delivers all the best that ultra-wide display technology can deliver thanks to a 6.5-inch Max Vision HD + display that offers the best family video viewing experience thanks to a 20: 9 aspect ratio so you can see more, play more and you enjoy more.

Motorola e7 also offers users a battery life of 36 hours thanks to a 4,000mAh battery that takes care of hours of work, entertainment, and gaming, but also a MediaTek Helio G25 2.0Ghz processor with eight cores that is responsible for smoother performance, powerful gaming, and better energy efficiency thanks to HyperEngine technology.

Motorola e7 users will also have several premium hardware and software features available that include:

  • Discreetly placed fingerprint reader located on the back of the phone inside the Motorola logo so you can unlock the phone with just one touch

  • A special Google Assistant button on the side of the phone so you can easily and quickly find what you need and get answers with the help of a voice assistant without having to type anything

  • The purest form of Android operating system that gives you the best side of the software on your phone, security upgrades, and an enhanced user experience without duplicate applications and software masks. 


Source: Motorola

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