Rollable Samsung Galaxy Note with S Pen

This is what a rollable Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone with an S Pen could look like

Rollable Samsung Galaxy Note with S Pen


The rollable smartphone seems to be a new trend for 2021. Various manufacturers have now announced that they have this type of smartphone in development. For example, the Oppo X 2021 concept phone, Oppo’s first rolling smartphone, was unveiled last week. LG also announced last month that it has a rolling smartphone in development, and TCL also showed such a prototype earlier this year. Samsung is also known for developing an extendable phone.

Earlier this year, the retractable Samsung Galaxy phone was shown to a limited audience at CES 2020. Since then, it has been relatively quiet about this retractable smartphone, until a photo of Lee Jae-Yong appeared earlier this month. Vice president of Samsung Electronics, holding a smart device that appears to be retractable.

Over the years, a Samsung phone with a removable screen has been reported several times. Finally, Samsung has also reported a smartphone design that can be pulled both left and right, to create a screen size that is almost 3 times larger than a regular smartphone. Meanwhile, it was announced from Korea that Samsung wants to present a flexible display that can increase the phone from 6 inches to an 8-inch tablet.


Based on all available information, Dutch 3D designer Jermaine Smith, aka Concept Creator, designed the Samsung Galaxy Note concept smartphone in collaboration with LetsGoDigital, which is shown in the YouTube video above.


Source: LetsGo Digital


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