Mudrunner is free to download

Mudrunner it is free to download
An unusual off-road driving simulation Mudrunner is free to download

Asphalt as glass? Angry, goddamn make-up supercars rushing past the Pacific Ocean to the colorful sunset to the roar of state-of-the-art engines? Look! The true testosterone deposits lie in completely different areas ... For example, in some pan-Soviet muddy wolves over which it is necessary to overdo the truck. That’s exactly the idea of the MudRunner game. When the terrain is rough and you have to pay attention to the load, fuel consumption and take care that the machine does not get stuck, the driving simulation rightfully becomes a navigation simulation. This premise will definitely turn off most adrenaline paradise, but it was interesting to us. MudRunner is free on the Epic Games Store from today until December 3, and at that price it is definitely worth a try.
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