The update for Windows 10 in 2021

Windows 10

The update for Windows 10 in the fall of 2021 brings UI improvements, support for Android applications

Windows could get Android apps in the Microsoft Store next year, a new report suggests. If true, this could be a major change that Microsoft would make to fill the gap between applications and computers. This happens shortly after the introduction of the Apple M1 laptop, in which the iPhone manufacturer said that iOS applications will work on new laptops. The report claims that Microsoft wants to introduce new major features with an autumn update for Windows 10 next year, including a refreshed modern user interface. The report also covers Windows 10X and a possible new application streaming service that Microsoft may be working on.

Windows 10 will get a huge update in 2021, bringing a refreshed user interface that is "modern and consistent." One of the key changes also includes the arrival of Android applications in the Microsoft Store on Windows 10. The report claims that support for Android applications may appear soon, in 2021, and that details about that are currently few. Either way, this will bring Windows 10 PCs into direct competition with Chromebooks that can run Android apps and Linux packages simultaneously.

Further, the report says Microsoft wants to deliver x86 64-bit application emulation for Windows 10 on ARM. This will allow devices like the Surface Pro X to run the most outdated Windows applications. A version for reviewing this feature should be presented soon and will be delivered in 2021.

Next year, Microsoft is planning two feature updates for Windows 10, and spring is likely to be less, which will lay the groundwork for a major fall update. The second edition is expected to bring big changes.

The report also adds that Windows 10X will enter the RTM phase (launch) in December, and Microsoft hopes to ship devices with Windows 10X to begin shipping in the first half of 2021. This new software is basically positioned as a lightweight and sophisticated version of Windows 10 and is said to be compatible for low- and medium-speed computers, and even for the laptops of the future. Windows 10X will reportedly be able to run on ARMs from the start, but will initially ship without support for Win32 applications, and to fill the gap, Microsoft plans to launch its new application streaming service for the Cloud PC.

This new service 'puts the cloud version of Windows and allows users to install applications on it so they can stream to any device. This will allow computers with limited storage or performance capabilities to run heavy-duty applications without compromising the performance of local computers. 'The Cloud PC service will reportedly be offered to both Windows 10 and Windows 10X users. The report says that this service is synchronized with the subscription to Microsoft 365. In the future, when this service is available, all installed applications via Cloud PC will appear in the Start menu as if they were originally installed. This will work in a similar way to the Windows virtual desktop. Windows 10X is expected to get local support for Win32 sometime in 2022.

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