Review: AOC 27G2U5 Monitor

The choice of monitor is always very personal because each user has his vision and things that are more or less important to him. When we include the price in these parameters, it has never been easy to choose a monitor that will have most of the features at a high level. However, lately, one can notice the trend of reducing the price of panels that were once in the middle category and are now among the most affordable.


Review: AOC 27G2U5 Monitor


Variable refresh - with Radeon

One such model is the AOC 27G2U5 which combines quite decent overall features with a fairly low price. It is a 27 "monitor with a standard flat IPS panel. The resolution of the panel is Full HD (1920 x 1080) with a maximum refresh rate of 75 Hz. For competitive gaming, a refresh rate of 144 Hz is a must, but for casual entertainment 75 Hz is quite enough. Compared to the standard 60 Hz, the increased refresh rate is a nice little addition.

The AOC 27G2U5 supports variable refresh options ranging from 48 Hz to 75 Hz, but that only makes sense if the graphics card isn’t able to deliver 75 frames in Full HD resolution. Since this is not a special requirement today, the choice of this resolution is adequate for this monitor. For example, the good old RX580 will be able to output a sufficient number of frames in Full HD resolution in most newer games. It is always best to adjust everything so that the number of frames corresponds to the refresh of the monitor when the 27G2U5 will also offer the best results. What is one of the better features of the 27G2U5 monitor is the low level of display lag (input lag) of 9 ms, which is a great result, especially for monitors of this price range.

Quality panel

We welcome the use of a very good IPS panel. The display of colors and their reproduction is very accurate within the palette that the panel can display (71% of the DCI-P3 palette). Although the panel is 6-bit with FRC, in practice it all looks quite good, and considering the resolution used, the optimal display quality is obtained. Also, 1100: 1 contrast is quite decent for an IPS screen. The only significant drawback is the classic for IPS panels of this category - the backlight is uneven and breaks through the corners. This is most noticeable in dark movie scenes, while in all other standard computer applications it is very difficult to spot.

AOC 27G2U5 Monitor Quality Panel

Ergonomics and connections

Another feature of cheap monitors is the minimal adjustability of the stand and the generally basic design, and here the 27G2U5 differs from the competition. The stand has slots through which you can run the cables nicely, and it is robust enough to keep the monitor stable. Also, it allows the screen to rotate 30 ° left and right, adjust the angle by 3.5 ° down and 21.5 ° up, and adjust the height in the range of 13 cm. The adjustment range allows everyone to adjust the monitor to their ideal position.

Review: AOC 27G2U5 Ergonomics adn Connections

As for connectors, there is one Display Port 1.2, two HDMI 1.4 connectors, and even one D-Sub. This versatility is useful because it gives the option to connect the 27G2U5 to older graphics cards, and later, after purchasing new graphics, the monitor can be used at maximum capacity. There’s a four-port USB 3.0 HUB to which you can connect USB devices and use the yellow port to charge mobile devices. The 27G2U5 also has speakers, but they are weak and can only serve as first aid.

AOC 27G2U5 Monitor

Although the AOC 27G2U5 is not a true gaming monitor by modern standards, it targets a group of users who need a solid monitor for all standard applications. The IPS panel gives good color reproduction and viewing angle, so it is possible to work correctly with the standard sRGB palette, which gives the 27G2U5 monitor a wider application and puts it in the place of a completely correct universal monitor.

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