Intel Introduces NUC M15 Laptop

Intel’s Next Unit of Computing has been going on for generations and although it hasn’t taken over the market, in a way it represents the definition of a miniature computer. Simple concepts of a small printed circuit board with a pre-installed processor (with integrated graphics), which leaves the customer or client the option to add components within the limits (storage space, working memory, Wireless card) for many is an ideal home and/or business machine.

Intel NUC M15 Laptop

The next version of the NUC concept is the NUC laptop. Intel Introduces NUC M15. It is a thin and light (less than 15 millimeters and 1.7 kilograms) laptop, with a 15-inch screen made of aluminum, whose unobtrusive and simple design seems serious and convincing and leaves space for partners to personalize it. Tiger Lake CPU and Iris Xe graphics are the basis and the choice of the type and characteristics of interchangeable components remains with the customer or integrator.

Intel offers full support to companies looking to use the M15 as a basis, including a two-year warranty. This concept will enable smaller companies that do not have development and production capacities or do not produce laptops at all to come out on top with the big ones. It should be available for partners at the beginning of next year, and by the second quarter, the first commercial copies could be found in stores.

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