Update for Star Wars Squadrons

The update for Star Wars Squadrons brings 4K and 120 FPS

Assassin’s Creed isn’t the only game to get a key update for next-generation consoles, as Electronic Arts have released an update for Star Wars Squadrons as well. As antecedently proclaimed, this update brings a bunch of upgrades for gamers on next-generation consoles..


Update for Star Wars Squadrons

Improved visual quality and lighting

For the PlayStation 5, this includes just improved visual quality and brightness, while the Xbox Series X and S updates include a 120 FPS output switch with reduced quality, as well as support for screens with variable refresh rates and a resolution that now reaches 4K.

Among other changes in the 3.0 patch, there are new changes in content and balancing, but also another key setup for anyone using a VR headset with a computer setup. Rendering is available as an option to improve performance, while players with high-definition headphones like the Valve Index can enjoy a higher-resolution skybox, as well as customizable resolution scaling that can make things smoother if you don’t have one of the most powerful GPUs. Although players have reported some omissions, others are already appreciating the new settings.
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