Apple plans to ship about 230 million iPhones next year

Apple Iphone

Apple is working on a plan that will increase the production of the company's iPhone line by 30 percent. According to the latest report from the Japanese site Nikkei, Apple plans to increase production to up to 96 million units during the first half of 2021.

Unnamed sources suggest that the main focus of the Cupertino-based company will be the production of the iPhone 12 line, last year's iPhone 11 as well as the iPhone SE model.

It is not yet known whether Apple is facing a shortage of components, but it is suggested that the company decided on such a move precisely to prevent the shortage of major components that the market can face.

The report also points out that Apple plans to produce up to 230 million iPhones during 2021, which will represent an increase of about 21 percent compared to 2019. Of course, this number is not fixed, so there may be a change in production plans depending on the demand for iPhones in the market.


Source: MySmartPrice

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