Google will officially support Chrome OS on older PCs

Chrome OS Old PC

For the past five years, Neverware, with its CloudReady software, has enabled individuals, schools, and companies to turn their old PCs and Macs into Chromebooks. This effectively extends the life of devices that would otherwise be considered obsolete. 

This week, Google bought Neverware intending to turn CloudReady into the official Chrome OS. When this happens, all existing Neverware users will be able to update the software. And when the transition is complete, Google will support CloudReady in the same way it does now with Chrome OS. As for the functioning of Neverware, everything remains the same. The home version of CloudReady will continue to remain free for personal use, and support for enterprise customers remains in place. Also, for now, there are no indications that the pricing policy will change and Google will accept all existing multi-year licenses.

This acquisition makes a lot of sense from Google's perspective, and for users, all previous bad sides will most likely be removed
. One of the biggest is that CloudReady couldn’t install Android apps, even though it’s based on Chromium OS. As things stand, this is likely to change in the future and CloudFire / Chromium OS will become much more interesting to future customers.

Source: Engadget

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