Bitcoin continues to grow, getting closer to the value of 30,000 dollars

Bitcoin 30.000$

During 2020, Bitcoin was on the rise, repeating what the cryptocurrency achieved in late 2017 when it recorded a huge jump in value.

At the beginning of December, Bitcoin recorded a record value of over 20,000 dollars, and in the following weeks, the currency recorded a constant growth and is getting closer to the value of 30,000 dollars.

According to CoinDesk statistics, at the time of writing, Bitcoin was worth about $ 29,100. This currently represents a record for cryptocurrency and an increase in value of about 50 percent compared to the beginning of the month.

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During this year, investors significantly increased their interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Many consider Bitcoin a digital substitute for gold, which recorded a smaller decline in value during the year of the pandemic.



Source: CoinDesk

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