If you plan to play Cyberpunk, free up space on the SSD

Cyberpunk 2077

Unless they postpone it again, the famous Cyberpunk 2077 will hit the game market in 4 days. So far, so much has been chewed about this game that there is almost no unknown. The first-person shooter RPG takes you to the futuristic city of Night City with a very vivid crime scene. Great graphics, a huge open-world environment, a bunch of NPCs ... The title is obviously complex and by today's standards, the prescribed 70 gigabytes of space seem cramped for all that content.

As it turned out, it really is. This was confirmed by one YouTuber (Dreamcast Guy) who has already provided a copy of the game. The future residents of the Night City will receive a "day one" update weighing 43 gigabytes immediately after the basic installation of the game. However, this download is not over. A certain Fabian Mario Döhla, PR of the Polish studio CD Projekt Red, responded to the post on the tweet. The screenshot is credible, but it is not a day one update, as the distribution of the one in question is yet to begin, shortly after the premiere. So, after this update, another one is waiting for us, and the final number of occupied gigabytes remains unknown. Games have been getting bigger for a long time, which could especially hurt console owners because their space is quite limited.

The comforting news is that the pre-load will probably be completed by December 10 for most players. For Xbox One and Xbox Series S / X owners, it's already started. PC players can also start downloading tomorrow, while for the PlayStation 4 and 5, a pre-load will follow a day later, on December 8th.

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