Mass Recall mod

In mid-October, the once-beloved studio announced that it would slow down with the development of Starcraft 2 to "make room" for some subsequent chapters. Knowing Blizzard, we are certainly quite a few years away from them. Fortunately, there are enough enthusiasts among the fans who are determined to enrich the ethos of the franchise with different modes.

Everyone who tasted the first Starcraft 20 and a half years ago probably has nothing to complain about. Even outdated graphics have been ironed out with an official Remaster. But Starcraft Mass Recall goes a step further because it is a kind of reincarnation of Ace and its expansion of Brood War into the visual environment of the much more advanced Deuce, with original voice dialogues and remastered animated sequences. The eighth version of this project is free to download and all you need to run it is to have Starcraft 2 installed. 

Trailer for version 7.0


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