See how Diablo Immortal looks like on android phones

Diablo Immortal Mobile

The mobile Diablo title will be released on iOS and Android devices, and we also got the first shots of the gameplay where we can see what the game will look like.

The game was shown in its alpha state and an OnePlus 8 android phone was used during testing. At first glance, the game is graphically very similar to Diablo 3, and the user interface, for now, looks more like a mobile game from the action genre. Nevertheless, the interface seems quite clear and accessible. The gameplay featured a Wizard class armed with fiery, icy, and arcane magic.

Other elements of this action RPG irresistibly resemble those from the PC title that came out eight years ago, so if we were to describe the game we would say that this is Diablo 3 in a smaller package and with fewer features. It is not yet known when the game should come out, and we will see if the community will react positively to it because we all remember the bizarre debut.


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