One day action - Tropico 5 free to download!

A few days have passed since the beginning of Epic's New Year's action ... Although some of the louder, relatively newer titles are still missing, we are not complaining for now. Today, the online store presents us with an edition from one of the most famous franchises among fans of control simulations. Thanks to Tropic, we play El Presidente, which has ruled a dictatorship (either direct or discrete) since a Caribbean state since 2001, and this fifth part (2014) is, although it relies heavily on DLCs, one of the better ones.

The path to the status of your state, you start in the late colonial period as a governor who, at the expense of the European monarch from a piece of Caribbean soil and a handful of barefoot wage earners should make a profitable island paradise, and end it in modern times, unless violent death separates you from the chair ( popular uprising, military coup, an invasion ...). Like any vassal, in the beginning, you will be obedient and solve the tasks that the overseas bosses will give you. But, as soon as the spirit of freedom matures, you win independence and continue to push on your own, which, as the game progresses, is not at all naive.

You have a chance to grab your copy by tomorrow at 5 pm. Download Game!

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