The Intel Core i9-11900K ‘Rocket Lake’ offers a boost of up to 5.30GHz

The Intel Core i9-11900K ‘Rocket Lake’ offers a boost of up to 5.30GHz

Intel's upcoming 11th-generation Core i9-11900K processor can achieve a boost clock speed of up to 5.30GHz, according to information from the specification list of various 11th-generation "Rocket Lake-S" desktop processors, obtained by Harukaze5719.

According to these specifications, the Core i9-11900K and Core i7-11700K are processors with eight cores and 16 threads, and they are separated only by the clock speed. The Core i9-11900K has a maximum single-core boost frequency of 5.30GHz, with 4.80GHz for all cores. The Core i7-11700K, on the other hand, has a boost for all 4.60GHz cores, while the boost for a single core is 5.00GHz. This time, even the Core i7 model gets Thermal Velocity Boost.

The 11th generation Core i5 model will still have six cores and 12 threads, and Intel is reportedly preparing an unlocked Core i5-11600K and a locked i5-11400.

The 11th generation Core

A novelty with these "Rocket Lake-S" processors is the addition of new "Cypress Cove" CPU cores, for which Intel offers a double-digit percentage increase in IPC compared to the current generation of "Comet Lake" processors, an improved dual-channel DDR4 memory controller with native support for DDR4-3200, and there’s also PCI-Express Gen 4 and Gen12 Xe-LP iGPU.

Intel is expected to introduce its first "Rocket Lake-S" processors before the second quarter of 2021.

Source: TechPowerUp

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