Oppo has a new concept phone that bends triple

Oppo has a new concept phone that bends triple

Oppo showed another flexible phone. The Chinese company has not yet announced a flexible phone that is widely available on the market, but it has presented several new designs in the form of concepts. The latest concept comes in the form of a model that bends three times.

Oppo developed this phone in collaboration with Japanese design studio Nendo. The device is called "Slide Phone", and the new concept model can be easily placed in the palm of your hand, thanks to its design with triple bending.

The phone can be used in its folded form, which offers a 1.5-inch screen, to check notifications, answer calls, or access the music player.

Oppo new concept phone bends triple pen

Additional opening (sliding) of the screen reveals a 3.15-inch display, which Oppo claims is good enough for creating photos or light gaming. Finally, the last disassembly reveals a 7-inch display, which has minimal frames. This format has an unusual aspect ratio, which is long and narrow but can be used for multitasking.

In addition to this Slide Phone concept, the phone also offers support for a stylus smartpen, which can be inserted into the body of the phone. Three cameras and an LED flash are used for the optics.


Source: PocketNow

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