The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 thinner and lighter

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 could cost as much as the Z Fold2

Flexible phones will enable the growth of a saturated phone market, according to Lee Jong-min, CEO of planning within Samsung’s mobile division. "Flexible phones are not an extension of existing smartphones, but a completely new field on the market," Lee pointed out.

He added that flexible phones will become thinner and lighter in the future. This is not the case with the Galaxy Z Fold2 model, which weighs 282 grams, compared to 263 grams in the original model. The redesigned hinge offers several advantages (prevents the penetration of dust, allows the use of the phone in several angles), but it has led to an increase in the thickness of the phone - from 15.5 to 16.8 millimeters.

The Fold line will take precedence when it comes to premium models within Samsung’s flexible phones. Some modern technologies will be implemented in the Galaxy Z Fold3, such as the camera under the display.
We are still a lot of time away from the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 phone, but information about the device has become more frequent lately. This time, we have some details about the possible price of the phone.

The quoted source has an excellent reputation, but it certainly states that price information should not be taken as final. The report suggests that the price of the Z Fold3 model will be the same as that of the Z Fold2 while implementing significant improvements. It is pointed out that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 will have a price that is in the range of around 2000 dollars.

Although it is still early to say, it is clear why Samsung is still not thinking about reducing the price of its flexible premium phone. The company’s main goal is to improve the overall user experience offered by this phone format. Of course, Samsung doesn’t have too much competition in the flexible phone market so it doesn’t have to lower the price to be more competitive. 
Source: GSMArena


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