The Xbox Series S launches games from the PlayStation 2

The second edition of the Sony console appeared on the market 20 years ago. It has sold 155 million copies so far, making it the most popular console in history. Unfortunately for many fans of this device who have meanwhile switched to more modern systems, old games from the PlayStation Two are very difficult to access because there is no compatibility. Hence, they are doomed to emulators, which in practice rarely work properly.

However, as evidenced by a video from the YT channel Modern Vintage Gamer, the latest Microsoft console and how it ends the job. Both versions, both Xbox Series S and Series X have an option called Developer Mode which, if activated, can run the RetroArch emulator, so it is possible to run PS2 games and use the Xbox controller. Unfortunately, there are some limitations, so space is limited to 2 gigabytes, which means that not every game will be able to run. The clip demonstrates several titles, including God of War, Shadow of the Colossus, and Metal Gear Solid 2. The console is also capable of emulating other systems, such as the Nintendo GameCube, but the PS2 is certainly the most significant, especially since the latest Five's compatibility goes only to games for PlayStation 4.



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