Worms Rumble arrives as a Free Game

Worms Rumble promises to be a new turn to the classic Worms design. Instead of a strategic turn-based battle, it is played in real-time with up to 32 players in battle royale or deathmatch modes. For Steam, PlayStation 4 and PS5 will arrive on December 1, and PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to download it for free until January 4.


Worms Rumble

Free download until January 4

Launching the game on PS Plus proved to be quite successful for some other multiplayer titles, especially for Rocket League and Fall Guis. So, there is every chance that Worms Rumble (which has support for PC playback) could also be successful. Not even the nostalgia factor will hurt this. Given that you would need a PS Plus membership to join online anyway, it seems like a solid entry on Sony's list of upcoming free games.

PS Plus members will be able to look for two more titles next month: Just Cause 4 and the 3v3 shooter Rocket Arena. In the meantime, you have until November 30 to catch the current PS4 offering, Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition and Middle-earth: Shadow of War.

Although Sony recently said that their goal is to regularly add PS5 games to the monthly gaming lineup, this time there are no free exclusives for the next generation console. However, PS5 owners can access a large number of PS4 games through the PS Plus collection.

Source: Engadget

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