A mysterious, budget GeForce GT 1010 GPU has emerged

GeForce GT 1010 GPU

Nvidia has quietly announced a new affordable desktop GPU, positioned below the GeForce GT 1030 model. The new GT 1010 graphics card is based on the Pascal architecture and uses 16nm "GP108" silicon.

The GeForce GT 1010 represents Nvidia’s move to replace the GT 710 based on the “Kepler” architecture, as its base budget model. This will also help the company clean up the remaining inventory of the "GP108" model and deliver it for sale.

The GT 1010 GPU most likely has 256 CUDA cores, 16TMUs, 2GB of GDDR5 memory along with a 64-bit bus (40GB / s throughput) and a maximum GPU Boost frequency of 1468MHz.

If the GeForce GT 1010 graphics card appears in the retail channel, it is expected to be priced below $ 60.


Source: TechPowerUp

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