MSI has unveiled Geforce RTX 30-series Sea Hawk X graphics cards

MSI RTX 30-series Sea Hawk X graphics cards

During CES 2021, MSI unveiled its RTX 3080 and RTX 3090 Sea Hawk graphics cards, which offer customers a new custom heat conductor. This system combines Asetek water cooling and a redesigned air cooling system on the graphics card itself.

The company's latest Sea Hawk GPUs use large 240mm cooling radiators, have a redesigned cold plate that covers the core / VRAM video cards and a GPU cover / fan design similar to that of the Gaming X Trio series.


MSI RTX 30-series Sea Hawk X graphics cards 2


MSI has not announced the clock speeds and price of the Sea Hawk series of graphics cards, but considering that it uses 240mm liquid cooling, a premium price can be expected.

The company has added its Zero Frozr cooling technology to the new cooling system, to allow GPU fans to shut down when there is no load. The MSI Sea Hawk series is designed to be quiet and offer superior cooling, and will appear later in the year.


Source: Overclock3d

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