What is the purpose of Ability Haste in League of Legends: Wild Rift?

League of Legends: Wild Rift

Haste. What does this mechanics actually do and how can you use it to shower your opponent with magic?

The company decided to take the same step in the League of Legends PC edition when they presented the same concept there a few updates ago. Moreover, the limit of 40% cooldown reduction is no longer in any version of League of Legends. Ability Haste (AH for short) is a statistic in League of Legends: Wild Rift, which reduces cooldown magic, or the time for which a certain champion can cast the same magic again. 

Ability Haste Wild Rift

You can get Ability Haste via item, Blue Sentinel or Hunter-Genius. The mechanics also control various cooldowns such as the magic of champions like Blitzkrenk's Rocket Grab, various items you collect that can be Guardian Angel or Quicksilver Enchant. AH also affects the spells you choose before the start of the match, such as Flash. To simplify things, Ability Haste would be explained as a boost speed for spells.

Just as you can hit multiple times in less time with a faster hit, similarly, if you have a higher Ability Haste, it means you will be able to cast a lot of magic in a short amount of time. Professional players have already done the calculations for us, so we can see how many Ability Haste points reduce our cooldowns by a percentage.

    10 - 9% CDR (Cooldown Reduction)
    20 - 17% CDR
    30 - 23% CDR
    40 - 29% CDR
    50 - 33% CDR
    60 - 37% CDR
    70 - 41% CDR
    80 - 44% CDR
    90 - 47% CDR
    100 - 50% CDR

Remember that it is difficult to reach the figure of 100 if you do not make the right combination of runes, items, blue buffs, dragon buffs, and other sources. According to Riot, you have no limits as far as you can upgrade your Ability Haste, and with 100 you will incredibly halve the cooldowns of your magic, which was not possible before in the game. One question still arises. How to switch the magic number from 100?

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