Why are Elemetal Dragons important in League of Legends: Wild Rift?

Elemental Dragons Wild Rift

Elemental Dragons are another mechanic that new players rarely notice in League of Legends: Wild Rift, and can benefit both you and your team. Read below why you should not spare these lizards and why it is good to "steal" the opponent the opportunity to kill this legendary monster.

Has it ever happened to you that even though the opponent plays the same hero, for some reason he is stronger than you? Is it because of the runes, items, or better mechanics in the party? When you play a genre of mobs like League of Legends: Wild Rift, there are almost countless reasons why something happened one way or another, and in this text, we will deal with the only possible ones, exclusively Elemental Dragons, and how much influence they have on the game.

New players are probably not familiar with the mechanics that were transferred from the League of Legends PC game. Elemental dragons give your entire team buffs when you kill them. Just like in the PC title, here you have four types of elemental dragons that are created in the early stages of the game and four elder elementals that appear in the later stages of the game. These are their names and later forms that appear when you kill normal Elementals:

  • Cloud Dragon - Elder Cloud Dragon
  • Infernal Dragon - Elder Infernal Dragon
  • Mountain Dragon - Elder Mountain Dragon
  • Ocean Dragon - Elder Ocean Dragon 

Normal Elemental Dragons

In Wild Rift, the first dragon is created in the fourth minute of the game. There is no specific order in which different species are created, so it is difficult to predict which type of dragon you will encounter. The reinforcements you get from all the dragons last you the whole game so you must have an advantage over the opposing team by killing these useful monsters. These are some of the basic elemental dragons.

Cloud Dragon

Cloud Dragon Wild Rift

This kite gives the player who kills it 7.5% faster movement throughout the game. What’s even more useful is that you also get 15% faster movement when you’re not in a fight. The buff is useful for support and assassin champions because it allows them to move faster on the map.

Infernal Dragon

Infernal Dragon Wld Rift

The Infernal Dragon is considered one of the most important elemental dragons in the Wild Rift. When you kill him, all team members get an 8% increased demise. The buff from this dragon is ideal for champions with a strong blow or a great ability power.

Mountain Dragon

Mountain Dragon Wild Rift

The mountain dragon is the best kite for a team that has more than one tank. Kill him and you will get a shield of 6% of your total health, after five seconds when you are not inflicted by a demigod monster from the jungle or the opponent's champion.

Ocean Dragon

Ocean Dragon Wild Rift

The dragon gives the whole team an 8% vampire effect (the helmet comes back to you when you hit someone or hits with magic) on blows and magic. The buff is most suitable for champions who have abilities that make you sick when you hit someone or those who collect items with such effects.

Elder Elemental Dragons

In the later stages of the game, Elder Dragons are created. These types of dragons come with the bonus effect you get when you kill them. With each blow, you will ignite the opponent and inflict damage on him.

  • Elder Cloud - It gives all members an 11.25% increase in speed, when you are out of combat this percentage has doubled.

  • Elder Infernal - You get a 12% increased demise on all the punches and spells you use.

  • Elder Mountain - Like its smaller version, this dragon gives you a shield when no one is hitting you, only in this case this shield is bigger and amounts to 9% of your health.

  • Elder Ocean - Gives a 12% vamp effect (returns the helt) to all team members on punches and magic.

Things to pay attention to!

If you don't kill the first dragon, a new dragon will not be created. The time when the Elder Dragon comes out varies from game to game but usually appears somewhere around 16 minutes. The buffs you get from the dragons last the entire match. Be sure to remember to kill these elemental dragons, which can solidly strengthen your team and probably bring you closer to winning the Wild Rift.
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