Adata DDR5 memory modules will offer speeds up to 8400MHz

Adata DDR5 memory modules 8400MHz

Adata is working on developing its next-generation DDR5 memory modules, to offer users a significant upgrade in speed, capacity as well as increased throughput per CPU core. The company works on these memory modules in collaboration with MSI and Gigabyte, to ensure compatibility, reliability, and stability in combination with upcoming motherboards for Intel platforms.

Through partnerships with MSI and Gigabyte, Adata is developing DDR5 memory modules capable of overclocking and meeting growing gaming standards.

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It is pointed out that Adata will produce DDR5 memory modules, which are capable of reaching speeds up to 8400MHz @ 1.1V, with a maximum capacity of 64GB per module. Also, these modules will have ECC (error-correcting-code), which will increase their reliability and accuracy during operations. 

Source: KitGuru

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