An ingenious trick of the IKEA store

Play Station 5

When it comes to dimensions, the new generation of consoles is by no means modest. This is especially true for the device from Sony, which with its dimensions deserves the title of the largest toy device (the Pro version will hardly be smaller). Therefore, in addition to the current main problem of the acquisition of the Xbox Series X or PlayStation Five, the consoles are also faced with the issue of the space they will permanently occupy on the TV shelf.

Anticipating that the demand for such constructions will increase in the coming period, someone from a Swedish furniture factory came up with the idea to help potential buyers lose weight by setting up life-size models of these two consoles in stores. As the photo from Reddit testifies, the dimensions are marked on the pages of the model, both in inches and in centimeters (of course, the phrase about 6 "in the comments encouraged some other insinuations). With this aid, it is much easier to decide between two shelves. In all likelihood, the one that fits the console perfectly will be (in) significantly more expensive. 

IKEA TV shelf for PS5 and Xbox

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