Year to continue Dying Light?

Year to continue Dying Light

The beginning of 2015 marked the start of one of the best zombie games. The successor to Dead Island (whose name, for legal reasons, developers could not continue to use it) has seriously perfected the initial formula. The level of endurance was spent like crazy, so we said goodbye to, the genre of the usual, repetitive cold weapon swinging. The game has enriched the fight with interesting parkour mechanics, various types of living dead, and a ton of other little things.

Three years later, at the E3 fair, the sequel was officially announced for 2019. About 100 hours of content and 15 to 20 hours of the campaign were promised. However, the original time limit was exceeded, and a year ago we received official confirmation that the release of Two was postponed until further notice. There were no new details after that, until now ... At the very end of 2020 (December 31), on the official Twitter account of the game, just above the title image, an announcement appeared - Survivors, tonight we celebrate! Keep your heads up for 2021! While it seems pretty obvious what it’s aimed at, this year has just begun, so there’s still no guarantee that we’ll be playing Dying Light 2 until the end of it. 

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