Apple could create a MacBook with 5G support

MacBook 5G

The good news for Apple fans comes in the form of information that the company seems to be working on its laptop that will have 5G support.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is developing a MacBook with 5G support. However, the same report suggests that the mentioned laptop will not be available soon.

It is not known the reason why we will have to wait longer for the release of the 5G MacBook, but it will certainly be interesting to see a laptop with a 5G connection. Apple may want to take some time to see which of the two 5G variants will be more popular, to implement support in the MacBook.

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Since our smartphones and tablets can be connected to the Internet using a cellular connection, it is an interesting question why such a feature is not so available for laptops. Some laptops support the cellular network, but they are not as common as one might think, although the advantages of such devices are quite obvious. 

Source: Ubergizmo

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