Bitcoin could be worth about $ 50,000 by mid-February

Bitcoin could be worth about $ 50,000

Bitcoin recorded several jumps in value and new records within a few hours this weekend. Thus, the popular cryptocurrency first reached the price of 30,000 dollars, and at this moment it is already worth over 34,000 dollars.

During 2020, Bitcoin tripled its value, recording constant and steady growth, despite the stock market fluctuations and declines caused by the pandemic. Investors were interested in Bitcoin, as well as other cryptocurrencies, as the US dollar weakened.

Bitcoin experts, on the other hand, give moderate forecasts and warn users to be careful when trading cryptocurrencies. Some of them still believe that Bitcoin will reach the value of 50,000 dollars by the middle of February.

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Despite becoming mainstream and becoming more widespread, Bitcoin is often used for embezzlement, which gives it a negative connotation. Given that cryptocurrency is decentralized and has an almost anonymous nature, it is very difficult to recover money lost in fraud and there is no centralized authority (such as a bank) to solve the problem. 

Source: CoinDesk

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