Chrome 88 implements tab search and enhanced password protection

Google has announced some major improvements to Chrome 88, and this includes two more advanced features - tab search and improved password protection.

Password protection is a useful feature, and one of the options within it allows you to easily rework weak passwords. The update will identify when the password is weak and will give Chrome users the ability to create and store a much stronger password.

Besides, Chrome 88 will make it easy to update multiple usernames and passwords in one place. In Chrome Settings on the desktop and iOS, users will be able to manage their saved passwords. The same feature will soon be available for Android.



Other updates and enhancements for Chrome 88 include better support for the dark theme in Windows 10, less intrusive approval requests, a new Chrome tab search flag, and more. Also, Chrome no longer supports FTP URLs.

Google points out that during 2021, it will change the way extensions access data and how site permissions work when an extension is installed. Also, more details on how the extensions use the data will be known.

The new Chrome 88, according to Google, will be available in the coming weeks.


Source: XDA-developers

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