Samsung is introducing the 870 EVO series, its fastest SATA SSDs to date

Samsung Solid State Drive

Samsung has updated its SATA SSD line and is offering customers its fastest TLC SDDs from the 800 series, thanks to an improved controller and faster 3D V-NAND. It is an 870 EVO series of SSDs.

Although the Samsung 870 EVO offers more modest improvements when it comes to sequential read and writes speeds compared to the 860 EVO model, Samsung has invested heavily in improving latency during reading / write data.


Samsung 870 EVO series


The company points out that the company’s new MKX controller and 1XX-layered V-NAND allow for a 38% reduction in latency for the 870 EVO SSD compared to the 860 EVO. This allows the SSD to have a better response and to be significantly faster.

Samsung 870 EVO devices come in capacities of 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB, and each drive offers sequential read and writes speeds of 560 MB / s and 530 MB / s. 

Source: Overclock3d

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