Instagram is testing a new Stories interface for desktop users

Instagram new Stories

Instagram plans to make the desktop version of its platform easier to use for those who prefer to use a photo and video sharing service on their computers. The company is reportedly working on a new user interface design for Instagram Stories on the desktop.

The company has already started testing a new update, which comes with features like Stories in the carousel instead of in a single title that covers the entire page.


Instagram new Stories


Reports suggest that with the new update, users can navigate through Stories with a mouse click or let them run automatically. The user interface will still have navigation keys, to allow control of the release of Stories content.

It is unknown at this time how many users will have access to the new user interface. Also, it is not known that this change will be permanent, and when it could be available to a wider number of users. Testing of the feature has been confirmed by Instagram officials, and the update has been available to a smaller number of users since December.

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