Everspace 2 FINALLY in Early Access! (VIDEO)

Everspace 2 Early Access

3 and a half years ago, the first part of Everspace just blew us away! The mixture of space battles and frantic collection of always scarce resources was packed into extraordinary graphics. The conclusion was clear and read: "MORE!" As in the case of the debut, the authors from Rockfish Games have launched a campaign on Kickstarter. Work on the continuation of the game began in 2019 with a hefty "back" of half a million dollars.

Since then, we have had the opportunity to try out the demo of this open-world game during numerous festivals and sales on Steam. We were expecting her at Early Access in December, and then her start was postponed to January. There was no exact date, until today. The game will be available on Steam from January 18! 

Players will initially have at their disposal two star systems (by the end of the game, they will be joined by six more), a minimum of 25 hours of play (of which the first 12 belong to the campaign), several side missions, and joystick support. Additional subtypes of the ships Interceptor, Sentinel, Striker, Gunship, and Scout will be added quarterly. 

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