Release Date Mass Effect: Legendary Edition!

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

In principle, we are not overly enthusiastic about the idea of remastering titles with solid mileage, because such a strategy always smells like the exploitation of nostalgia. However, it is difficult to say "no" to the famous Mass Effect, whose graphics and resolution have been adjusted for the current hardware. That a special edition is planned in which the first three parts of the game will be packaged, BioWare announced back in November. So far, there have been no more precise time determinants, except for the number "2021" and juggling of quarters.



Mistakes from various sources revealed this part of the puzzle. Two Asian online stores (GSShop from Indonesia and Shopitree from Singapore) have included the Legendary Edition in their catalog and stated - March 12 in the section for the release date. That one is in question, so let's declare a slip, but two, which are not corporately interconnected, already give the rumor a certain dose of credibility. The information was soon removed from their website. The Eurogamer portal also confirmed this date. Spring promises.

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