Intel Rocket Lake-S octa-core CPU overclocked to 6.9GHz with LN2 cooling

Intel Rocket Lake-S octa-core CPU Overclock

Rocket Lake-S processors have not been officially announced yet, but overclockers have already managed to reach some models. Two videos have surfaced, showing attempts at extreme overclocking of one of the 11th generation Intel CPUs.

Given what is known about the Rocket Lake-S line, this processor could be either a Core i9-11900K or a Core i7-11700K. The board, which was used to reach an overclocked speed of 6.9GHz, is not known but another announcement suggests that it is a Gigabyte Z590 board. In addition to the CPU, the memory is overclocked to 6666MHz @ 1.83V.

The second video shows the operation of the CPU-Z platform up close and suggests that the processor supports the AVX512F and SHA - two sets of instructions not supported by the current Comet Lake-S processor.

Intel is expected to introduce its 11th generation Core processor during CES 2021 and will go on sale at the end of the first quarter.


Source: KitGuru

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