New gameplay for Playstation 5 exclusive Returnal has been shown

Returnal Playstation 5 exclusive

One Playstation 5 exclusive we’re expecting soon is Returnal, a Housemarque studio.

The developers share the details for the space horror shyly, through a regular podcast, in which they have now shown the new gameplay and revealed the advantages of the DualSense technology that Returnal will use.

The gameplay features third-person action, rogue-like elements, and the procedural nature of the world that will change with each game. As for the Dual Sense controller, it will have additional options thanks to the adaptive keys. For example, the L2 key will, when pressed "halfway", allow you to look directly through the sight, while a full press of the key will activate the alternate shooting mode.

Haptic support will of course be included, as well as 3D audio technology that will provide excellent immersion to the world.


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