Post-apocalyptic kung fu (VIDEO)

Post-apocalyptic kung fu game

This bizarre RPG has changed at gaming fairs in recent years. The open-world environment of ambitious graphics in silence has been delayed several times. But news came from publisher THQ Nordic that the wait was coming to an end. 

The biomutant will hit the market on May 25 for previous-generation PCs and consoles (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One). For those who are not familiar with this title, the game assigns you the role of an animal mutant in search of the so-called. "The Tree of Life." That's all that's known about the story so far (and what more do we need?). 

Mechanics offers the possibility of assembling your weapon, whether it is cold for one or two hands or a revolver or rifle. In addition to weapon upgrades, a variety of equipment is available (jet pack, bionic wings) and it is especially interesting to re-code the genetic structure of the character, which unlocks new abilities such as telekinesis. 

On paper, Biomutant seems like a complex, strange and original game, so we are curious how it will show in practice in a few months. 


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