Resident Evil Village with a new trailer got a May release date

The announced presentation for Resident Evil Village took place as planned and brought a lot of new details.

First of all, a crazy trailer, the third in a row, which shows who players like Ethan will meet during the game. There are vampires, seemingly pleasant-looking but made of beetles. Uh! The trailer shows more hostile faces, key characters and introduces us to the atmosphere of a snow-covered village.

In the end, Capcom decided to reveal to the players when they can play Resident Evil Village, and it will take place on May 7 this year. As rumor has it, Village will also be available for older consoles, PS4 and Xbox One, from the same day. Before Resident Evil Village comes out in front of the players, a free demo will be available for rehearsal, as was the case with previous Rezi games.



Along with the trailer, the gameplay is shown, which focuses on the action itself and reveals that the style of inventory from RE4 will be present here, as well as the mechanics of crafting weapons. The Duke is a character that will also remind us of the roots of RE4, since he is a salesman who will be located in different locations, always ready to sell you something, at the right price of course. 

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