Ghost Recon Breakpoint is free to play on weekends

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Free


The fourth weekend in a row in 2021 is ahead of us, and the offer for gaming without additional costs is as usual.

First, you have a free game on the Epic Games Store, the turn-based strategy of Galactic Civilizations 3. Also, Ghost Recon Breakpoint has opened its doors to all new players. From January 21 at 9 am until the 25th at 6 pm, Ghost Recon will be free without any restrictions.

Whoever of the players decides to buy the game in the end, all the progress will be transferred to the full version. The free game promotion began along with a special event, Operation Amber Sky, which brings R6 Siege operators and new missions into play.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a shooter made on the foundations laid by the Wildlands, but it did not become famous due to the existence of some problems that repelled players at the outset.

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