Samsung has announced OLED panels for 90 Hz laptops

Samsung OLED panels 90 Hz laptops

Great contrast and "deep" black or a higher refresh rate? For gamers, the second solution is far more appealing. But for all those who play on a laptop, a compromise is in sight. As announced by the CEO of Samsung Electronics, Joo Sun Choi, the production of OLED panels for laptops with a frequency of 90 hertz is planned. It is not specified yet what resolutions and relations of the pages await us. What it is is a 14-inch screen diagonal and the month of March during which production is scheduled to begin. Although inferior to monitors for desktop machines of 120 or 144 hertz, the mentioned frequency is more than decent. The hardware in laptops is becoming more powerful day by day, so, logically, other factors of gaming pleasure are progressing at the same time.

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