Samsung will get gaming features in its next Neo OLED and QLED TVs

Samsung Neo QLED and QLED TV

Samsung has announced that the company’s Neo QLED and QLED TV models will implement new gaming capabilities this year. The company’s new line of TVs was unveiled earlier this month, along with the company’s other premium displays.

Neo QLED models feature Super Ultrawide GameView, which is designed to allow a choice between 21: 9 or 32: 9 in-game ratios. A variable aspect ratio rate is also available for Samsung’s new Q70A TV and later models.

These TVs also have a Game Bar, where it is possible to check the input lag or connect headphones. Samsung promises an immersive sound experience, thanks to the Game Object Tracking Sound feature that allows QLED TVs to project sound through the room under the action on the screen, all with the help of artificial intelligence.

Neo QLED and QLED TVs feature 4k resolution, 120Hz refresh rate, and lag below 5.8ms. Samsung's 50-inch Q90A and other QLED TVs of 55 inches or more feature AMD FreeSync Premium Pro technology.

Samsung has not announced when the next Neo QLED and QLED TVs will be available for sale and how much it will cost.


Source: Neowin

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