The next iPhone could have a fingerprint sensor under the display

iPhone  fingerprint sensor under the display

Apple is reportedly planning some more subtle improvements for its iPhone line that will be announced during 2021. According to Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, the engineers of the company from Cupertino consider this year a transitional one, after numerous improvements implemented in the iPhone 12. However, the new models could have at least one new function - a fingerprint sensor under the display.

According to Gourmet, the feature will not replace Face ID but will provide an alternative way to verify identity if a mask is worn, or if Face ID does not work as planned.

The report also mentions that Apple is testing flexible displays. It is pointed out that the company does not have a solid plan for technology at the moment, and it could be years before Apple presents something specific to the public. Also, Apple could decide that the idea of ​​a flexible screen is not profitable enough to invest in it.


Source: Engadget

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