Windows 10 bug that can damage data on HD

Microsoft has announced a patch for the bizarre Windows 10 bug, which allows data on the hard drive to be damaged through simple operations. The bug was discovered this week and was characterized as "dangerous". It allows hackers to hide malicious code in a ZIP file, or even in a Windows shortcut. To trigger a malicious shortcut, it is enough for the Windows 10 user to unzip the ZIP file, or to look in the folder where it is located. It will then automatically start the procedure to corrupt the data on the hard drive.



This error has been confirmed and it has been stated that there are several ways to trigger NTFS data structure corruption through it. Interestingly, it has been in Windows 10 for almost three years.

It was also found that the same malicious code can be run through a web browser. Just copy it to the address field in the browser. Fortunately, the solution is not very complicated. It is also stated that the error does not require the user to have administrator rights to run, nor does it require special permissions to write data to disk. 

By restarting the computer and starting the Windows chkdsk process, damaged records on the disk can usually be recovered. However, this process cannot always be completed automatically. In some cases, manual intervention is required to recover damaged disk records. This can be an additional problem for system administrators in enterprise systems, in case the chkdsk process fails to repair the damage.

Microsoft reacted immediately and stated that it would provide a patch in some of the future system updates. 

Source: The Verge

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