The GPD Win 3 system confirms interest in Switch-style laptops


The Indiegogo campaign to fund a system reminiscent of the PC version of the Nintendo Switch broke all targets as a million dollars were raised in some eight hours. The device, called GPD Win 3, proves that there is interest in such products because public funding has exceeded the set goal by 4,000 percent.

I admit that the thought of being able to play one of my favorite PC games on the go sounds very tempting, and the wider internet community seems to agree. Maybe this campaign still says best what happens when you set your financial goals low?

The percentages may not best reflect how popular this campaign is, as GPD asked for only $ 25,000 for initial funding, a number that companies typically transfer. However, raising a million dollars in just eight hours is certainly an impressive undertaking from whichever side you look.

The device has a great design, it is packed with a solid PC configuration, and the creators say that it should run all modern AAA games. As a PC gamer, inserting a keyboard is for me an item that separates this "console" from other popular options. Time will tell if the Chinese company can justify the trust of its internet investors.

You can find more about the system and specifications on the official Indiegogo page, and below you can see how Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice works on the device.


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