This mod turns GTA 5 into Night City from Cyberpunk 2077


Since CD Project Red provided support for mods in Cyberpunk 2077 from day one, the hard-working and engaged team immediately began working on the first gameplay and gameplay changes.

We have already written about the third-person game mode, but now we have noticed a mode that transmits the atmosphere of the night city from Cyberpunk 2077 to Los Santos from GTA 5.

Street Mod in GTA 5 turns into the futuristic ones by bringing locations like Downtown, Legion Svker, Textile City, and Mission Row (for now). The person behind this modification, Oleg Temple, plans to completely transform it into a futuristic edition with future versions of GTA 5.

For now, we will use these 4 locations for an interesting look at a fictional American city and area. The mode is even optimized to load the map faster. You can see how it all looks in the clip below.

You can download the mod from the gta5-mods site completely free of charge.


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