Teaser for new Indiana Jones game released (VIDEO)

Indiana Jones game released

That a new "Indiana Jones" movie is planned, Disney made it official a few years ago. His predecessor irreversibly undermined the euphoria below the very bottom of expectations. But the newly founded Lucasfilm Games did not wait long to pleasantly surprise us with another project about the most famous archaeologist.

Indi is also returning to monitors, it was confirmed on Twitter accounts of Bethesda and Xbox with a short teaser. The honor of developing the new game was entrusted to the MachineGames studio (under the auspices of Microsoft), whose portfolio adorns the new Wolfenstein games (starting with The New Order from 2014). The video sequence reveals almost nothing about the plot, but many viewers pointed to the plane ticket to Rome on the desk and the year 1937 on it. This detail places the story between the first and the second film (1936 and 1938) and makes it known that Dr. Jones will fight the Nazis again.


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