Razer's concept gaming chair has a built-in wrapping 60-inch OLED

Razer's concept gaming chair with 60-inch OLED 1

During CES 2021, Razer presented some interesting concepts, among which Project Brooklyn stands out the most. It is the ultimate gaming chair, with an enveloping 60-inch OLED screen.

Although Project Brooklyn may never become commercially available, it is a solution that can meet many gaming needs. The biggest feature is certainly the curved OLED screen of 60 inches, which slides into the back of the chair when not in use.

Razer's concept gaming chair with 60-inch OLED 2

Project Brooklyn also uses LED lighting, a tactile response within the frame of the chair, as well as a modular armrest that can be transformed into a table for PC gaming.

Razer points out that the Project Brooklyn concept of gaming chairs is there to inspire the industry, but also offers insight into how mechanics and design can be improved to enable a more immersive gameplay experience and encourage the development of Razer gaming chairs in the future.

Source: Pop Science

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