These are some of the best mid-lane champions in League of Legends: Wild Rift

League of Legends: Wild Rift

The middle lane is reserved mainly for players who like to compete with opponents in one-on-one fights from the early stages of the match, and who want to be one of the main sources of damage for their team, and today we will write about several champions who will surely torment the opponent.

Right in the middle of the map is the shortest lane in the game. Champions who play in this position very effectively get level 5, because you can get back to this lane very quickly if you recall to base. Since you got an ultimate before other champions on the map, you can put pressure on the opposing team and kill earlier than the others. 

Mid-liners often have a combination with which they can easily kill you or can constantly inflict damage on you from a distance. The champions who are perfect for this position mostly come from the Mege or Assassin class.

When you play on the middle lane, you are expected to help everyone on your team, and these champions are strong on the third and especially on the fifth level, to damage the towers and then Genk and help in other parts of the map or champions in the jungle. 

See below who our favorites are for this lane and don’t forget to concentrate in team fights for opposing midlainers and carry (ADC).


Ahri League of Legends: Wild Rift

One of the first champions you can unlock if you plan to play this position is Ahri. This champion is very vulnerable in the early stages of the match, but Ahri is also a versatile character from whom you can make a Mage that easily controls the opponent with her third Charm magic and her ultimate Spirit Rush which gives you mobility like not many champions in the game. You can also make some kind of Assassin if you concentrate on the items that give you AP (ability power). Her first magic is great for clearing creeps on the lane and concentrate on using Fox-Fire magic when you hit an opponent with the third ability.

Summoner magic:
Flash / Ignite or Flash / Barrier

Electrocute - Brutal - Regeneration - Manaflow Band


Orianna League of Legends: Wild Rift

Just like Ahri, Orianna is a very flexible and powerful champion in the Wild Rift. She’s very useful from the start but players love her the most because she can inflict tremendous damage in later parts of the game, and her ultimate Shockwave can reverse the course of the fight if you hit him. With Orianna, it is very important to learn in which order to throw magic and practice to better position her ball using Command: Attack, and how to best use Command: Protect to protect yourself and your teammates. Orianna requires a little more practice but is a very interesting champion once you learn it because “she protects, but she also attacks”.

Summoner magic: Flash / Ignite or Flash / Barrier

Rune: Electrocute - Champion - Regeneration - Manaflow Band


Zed League of Legends: Wild Rift

Speaking of more complicated heroes, shadow master Zed is definitely at the top of that list, but that's why he can erase the "soft" champion in just one combo. The champion will probably find it easier to lie to players who have a lot of experience in mobs, and the best thing about Zed is that he can swap positions with his shadow using Living Shadow and his ultimate Death Mark. Zed can do a lot of damage in a very short time and we recommend that you collect items that have armor penetration or cooldown reduction (CDR). Arm yourself with patience if you want to learn one of the best Assassins in the game.

Summoner magic:
Flash / Ignite

Electrocute - Brutal - Spirit Walker - Hunter Genius


Aurelion Sol League of Legends: Wild Rift

Although Aurelion Sol is one of the heavier champions to play with, its spells on paper don't look anything special, but when used together they can do a lot of damage. When you play this champion you must move. Positioning will be the key to success in the lane and team fights in the late stages of the match. His first Starsurge magic can make huge projectiles that can stop opponents and ruin their plans before the fight begins. If you hit the first spell you can add Voice of Light ultimate to inflict demigods and slow down an opponent who is unlikely to escape your Celestial Expansion. The third ability is useful for running, but you can also use it to make Starsurge, which can cover almost the entire screen.

Summoner magic:
Flash / Ignite

Electrocute - Brutal - Regeneration - Manaflow Band


Fizz League of Legends: Wild Rift

It is very difficult to punish Fizz players even though he misses his combo, and he is also one of the champions who can inflict the biggest damage in Wild Rift. Fizz has two spells that help him easily get in and out of fights, and he also has great magic for one-on-one situations that will solve any "softer" champion. Be sure to hit important targets with your Chum The Waters ultimate that separates your target and other opponents and inflicts good demise. While you're still on the lane you can chase your opponent with a combination of punches and Rending Wave, and when things go downhill Playful / Trickster is magic that can get you out of difficult situations, and you can use it for initiation.

Summoner magic:
Flash / Ignite

Electrocute - Brutal - Hunter Titan - Manaflow Band

If this isn’t the position you want to play in League of Legends: Wild Rift, take a look at which champions we’ve singled out for the roles of support and carry, and lists for champions on Baron Lane and jugglers are coming soon.

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